Silverbergh Partners

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Industrial expertise and examples

We work in different industrial sectors and on the interface with financial services combining functional know-how with industry insights.
Early stage growth sectors

  • Start-up businesses - business building, strategy, financing, ramp up/ build out of operations of early stage technology driven businesses with scalable business models
    • FinTech/ InsurTech: business building
    • Software & payments: expansion of cloud based applications and distribution
    • CleanTech: Portfolio strategy & business building
Transforming sectors

  • Technology & IoT - new business models adressing Economy 4.0 challenges in a traditional B2B manufacturing environment; SMART HOME applications and SMART METERING strategies

Mature sectors

  • Asset management - investing into alternatives (infrastructure and infrastructure-like assets; PE plays)
  • Commodity trading - strategy, operations and risk management systems across different asset classes/ categories including metals, oil, power, coal, softs ...
  • Energy - strategy and operations across the value chain e.g.  in oil/mining, generation/ renewables, commodity trading down to utility operations
  • Infrastructure - investment schemes and operations
  • FMCG/ Agro - Commodity marketing and sourcing practices; risk management systems
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