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January/2023 - Sustainability: Fueling 'Net Zero'
February/2022 - ESG Integration: Managing real asset credit portfolios
April/2020 - COVID-19 - Recovery risk: What to expect and how to prepare
March/2020 - Crisis liquidity risk management & protection program: Managing another curve to survive and recover
February/2020 - Transportation: Autonomous platforms in cargo transportation
May/2019 - Risk management: Climate risk
March/2018 - Digital: Digital Marketing Risk
December/2017 - Artificial intelligence (AI): Top use cases
November/2017 - Value management: Corporate portfolio management
November/2017 - Digital: Digital transformation
September/2017 - Hedge accounting: New Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) guidance
July/2017 - Commodity trading: Trading challenges H1 2017
June/2017 - Smart Transportation Infrastructure: Evolving value drivers ...
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